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Jayasree Saranathan: Gurumurthy on Dayanidhi Maran.

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When is Dayanidhi Maran's birthday?

Suggest Celebrity. Suggest Corrections. Check Now. Finance Are money matters a reason for the dark-circles under your eyes? Online Travel deals from Ezeego1. NDA 60 Glorious Years. Chandigarh skyline in danger. On Sundays. On Saturdays. Thursday, September 1. Wednesday, August Tuesday, August Monday, August Sunday, August Saturday, August Friday, August They were no ordinary telephone lines, but costly ISDN lines, which could carry tons and tons of TV news and programmes faster than satellites to any part of the world. These lines, the CBI says in its report, are "normally used by medium to large commercial enterprises to meet special needs such as video conferencing, transmission of huge volume of digital data of audio and video" — precisely the facility that SUN TV would need for its telecasting operations.

But it got it all free, at government's cost. The Maran home exchange, says the CBI, was "programmed in such a way that no one other than the authorised BSNL staff were aware of the existence of such an Exchange created for his [minister's] exclusive use".


It added that by linking the minister's home and SUN TV office by the stealthy cables, "it would appear as if the lines were used in the residence of the former minister, but actually the cables laid facilitated SUN TV network to utilise the services of BSNL provided at his residence". It was not one of those secret White Collar frauds, but a crime committed in the open roads.

What could be the probable loss to the exchequer by this fraud? On "a sample study", the CBI says, "it is learnt that 48,72, units of calls have emanated from [just] one Telephone No in the month of March alone, which is indicative of the massive multimedia transfer in the underlying connections". Just one of the lines accounted for over 48 lakh call units in March alone — Yes almost 49 lakh call units in one month, through one of the phones! Assume that each of the connections was put to use as efficiently as Marans had operated the Number ; the total number of call units SUN TV would have unlawfully robbed the BSNL during January to April [Maran resigned on May 13] could be as high as Only a thorough investigation can reveal the true loot.

But, the story does not end here. But how did the CBI get to investigate the fraud and where is its report now? It calls for a brief flash back. Maran, a grand nephew of Karunanidhi, was the central telecom minister from June to May Perhaps the only Hindi knowing family member, Maran was Karunanidhi's eyes and ears in Delhi and his connect to Sonia Gandhi. The 'young' and 'dynamic' minister was amongst the most powerful in the UPA government of which the DMK was the most critical partner.

Telecom Ministry sitting on CBI report for over 44 months.

Maran case another melting point for Tamil Nadu politics

Need an illustration for Maran's reach then? Not only could he threaten Ratan Tata to part with a third of Tata DTH shares, but he also could threaten him not to reveal that he had threatened him! But suddenly, Maran fell from the cliff into the pit, thanks to a costly slip by Dinakaran, a Tamil daily owned by Dayanidhi's brother Kalanidhi Maran.

Alagiri's angry supporters burnt down the Madurai establishment of Dinakaran on the same day, snuffing out the lives of three innocent staff.

The DMK leader said AIADMK managed to win the only seat it won because of money power.

Karunanidhi sided with his son Alagiri against his grand nephews, the Marans. Result, Dayanidhi was instantly out of the DMK and the central ministry. It was then that the CBI probed the daring fraud.

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And now back to the main story. But the CBI letter is obviously sleeping somewhere since then, and for the last 44 months. With the elections approaching, as was expected, warring nephews and sons of Karunanidhi patched up on December 1, , with Karunanidhi saying, "my eyes grew moist and heart was content. After the elections, Dayanidhi, who got elected, attempted again to make it to the Telecom Ministry, but could not. He became the Textile Minister instead; and he is so even now. Sibal is sitting on the CBI report since then. And Maran, as Textile Minister, is sitting in cabinet meetings along with Sibal.

DMK leader Dayanidhi Maran Speaks To Tiranga TV

And despite the CBI advice for action against Maran sleeping for over 44 months, now Prime Minister promises to Baba Ramdev that he would tackle corruption with "seriousness" and "without delay", while he himself is still sitting with Maran in cabinet meetings. It seems as much a comedy as it is a tragedy. Maran tweaked telecom policy, says Arun Shourie. Fri ,Feb 25, Emerging after a three-hour long question session, Shourie told reporters that he had cited several instances to the investigating officers of alleged irregularities during Maran's tenure before A Raja took over as Telecom minister in What is Raja being accused of?

Giving these licenses without spectrum, when there is no spectrum with the Government. But it was in Maran's time that one sentence was put into the guidelines that there shall be no cap on the number of operators in a circle," he said. This change comes in the guidelines of whereas the TRAI did not recommend it till So by what horoscope under Maran was it decided that yes we can anticipate this recommendation before two years and start. That is how some operations were planned that could not go through and Raja acted on them," he quipped. He also advised Raja to turn approver for the agency and spill the beans about the beneficiaries of this scam.

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He said he had requested the presence of Vaish and some other officials because of their technical knowledge about the issue. There was not a slightest departure from the Cabinet decisions," Shourie said. Handing over a page note prepared by him on various issues relating to 2G-spectrum allocation policy appearing in the media, Shourie said he was ready to appear again if called by the agency.

The eminent journalist said he informed the CBI that TRAI did not do anything "surreptitiously" during his tenure and all the decisions were taken after open consultations. Not one of the 28 licenses was given for any lucrative area. They were given for the areas in which nobody was going.

dayanidhi maran horoscope Dayanidhi maran horoscope
dayanidhi maran horoscope Dayanidhi maran horoscope
dayanidhi maran horoscope Dayanidhi maran horoscope
dayanidhi maran horoscope Dayanidhi maran horoscope
dayanidhi maran horoscope Dayanidhi maran horoscope
dayanidhi maran horoscope Dayanidhi maran horoscope
dayanidhi maran horoscope Dayanidhi maran horoscope
dayanidhi maran horoscope Dayanidhi maran horoscope
Dayanidhi maran horoscope

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