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December 16 Zodiac

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Sun enters Scorpio

Saturday, 15 December - h. Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Magic Horoscope.

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Your comment was successfully submitted. About Sagittarius Sagittarius is good at having fun.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Ruled by jovial Jupiter, these sunny, cheerful, adventurous folk have one motto - don't worry, be happy. From climbing mountains to seeking the perfect wave, Sags love adventure and can't wait to go out and find it. Sags have lots of friends, because they are so much fun. They have a great sense of humor and will party without any excuse at all.

Today’s Daily Horoscope, Sun December 16, for each Zodiac Sign

Sags can be quite philosophical about life, and never stop learning, usually by traveling and experiencing different cultures for themselves. The trouble is they get so enthused every time something new comes along that they quickly move on and forget the old. Make sure you don't diss people who love you and have walked the wire for you, because things get downright ugly when Sags tumble from those high places and need their friends again. You might meet new people and get closer to the ones you already know.

More Inspiration

A lot of interesting and useful information could be exchanged. You might also lend or borrow some books.

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Libra A pleasant surprise comes your way when you receive either a present or small sum of money, perhaps in the mail, Libra. Someone will either pay you back a loan or you could receive a gift for some small service you performed for someone.

You could be tempted to turn that around and buy a present for someone else. Expect some calls that result in long and meaningful conversations. You may also want to phone a friend who shares your artistic interests. Whatever your creative interests, inspiration abounds. Capricorn Today should be busy with regard to communication, Capricorn. Calls and emails to people close to you may take up a lot of your time. You could be organizing a meeting or social event of some kind. Aquarius A get-together of some kind is likely to happen during the course of the working day, Aquarius.

Your Daily Horoscope For December 16, 2016

This should lead to pleasant and interesting conversations, possibly involving philosophy, spiritual matters, or the arts. Communication with those around you should be clear and open. Correspondence could take up almost as much time as conversations right now. Pisces A message or phone call from someone dear who lives far away could arrive today. In fact, you may feel especially inspired to work on projects of your own, as ideas are likely to fill your head.

daily horoscope december 16 Daily horoscope december 16
daily horoscope december 16 Daily horoscope december 16
daily horoscope december 16 Daily horoscope december 16
daily horoscope december 16 Daily horoscope december 16
daily horoscope december 16 Daily horoscope december 16

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