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Photographed by Jason Rodgers. Firm up those holiday travel plans and put all your important communications in writing. And do it quick! This Sunday, messenger Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius — the sign that rules travel and uncensored truth — until December Take a deep breath. This news doesn't have to dampen your holiday spirit. But to avoid any intergalactic Grinchiness, clear, kind, and compassionate communication is key.

Your Horoscope for the Week of November 26

Make no assumptions! Did you actually request that extra day off from your boss? Are you sure it's cool with your sister if you crash on her couch? Err on the side of over -communicating, even if you annoy a few people in the process. But here's where we should all censor ourselves until the 22nd: Doling out unsolicited advice and armchair quarterbacking especially on Twitter. Those truth bombs might be spot-on, but timing is so off. Sunday also features a full moon in Gemini, the sign of twinning. Pair up for the win this weekend.

Leo Daily Horoscope

Two heads, hands, and hearts will be better than one. With this expressive full moon arriving on the wings of Mercury retrograde, Sunday might be the last chance we have for a few weeks to have a productive conversation about a tricky topic. Leo, it's time to get serious. The past few months have provided you with plenty of lessons in love and life.

Leo Weekly Horoscope 26th November to 2nd December

You've had the chance to see who is in your corner and what matters most to you. With all this information at your fingertips, it's time to get serious and plan your next power moves. You may need to consult advice from a friend or mentor on how to take steps to do what you need to do. If you're thinking about going back to school, you might find some resources or clarity by talking to people in that field. If you're looking to make some health changes, don't go it alone. Find a support system.

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  7. There will be plenty of support out there now that you are more clear on what you are willing to do now. The only thing you've got to worry about next is making the time which we all know you will find when you're ready to run for the gold. Virgo, with the holidays here, family and home life become a priority. You may find yourself even thinking about your family members when you're out having a good time even though they are perfectly fine.

    Your care and concern for those you love will be felt from a distance. Be sure to communicate their value in your life during this week. There may be another reason why family grows closer to your heart. You may be learning how friendships play a role in your life that family can only fill. Perhaps you will start to consider how there was a time when your friends came first, but life is teaching you that no matter how tight your friendships are, your family is always there, too.

    Libra, you might find yourself testing the waters out with new goals and seeking out adventures in publishing or writing. This may involve researching opportunities or conferences. Perhaps you will try your hand at writing an ebook or exploring what it takes to get into media through podcasting or other forms of online communication.

    You may also find that you are meeting like-minded individuals interested in helping you and getting involved in what you're doing. Although it may seem like things are falling into place be sure to remember that planning will be the key to what your success. Write things down so you won't forget where you left off, particularly keeping tabs on passwords and correspondence, as you may have a lot to keep track of over the next few weeks. Scorpio, focusing on the goal is important but don't forget that what matters the most are the people you empower and the team you have that's helping you to get where you're headed.

    You may be receiving a reward or an unexpected recognition for your efforts. The more others see you succeed, the more they will admire and respect your hard work. This could lead someone to ask you how you do what you're doing. If you're passionate about mentorship, this could be a sign of things to come. In your love life, things are opening up to you as well. Your positive energy at work and home will make you glow. Nothing attracts others to us like confidence.

    Expect that your self-esteem gets a boost by the end of the week. You may be pairing up with a friend or romantic interest that ignites your spirit and makes you feel like a million bucks. Sagittarius, with all this growth and maturity you've been getting these past few months, it's time to reveal the new you to the world. You may have a new perspective or take on life that you didn't have before. You've earned the right to be happy so why not share the joy. In love, there may be some getting used to when it comes to seeing the way that you changed.

    Not because of hatred or jealousy. There may be fear that you will outgrow your relationships and forget your friends. You may need to be more reassuring to those who care about you.

    Your Horoscope for the Week of November 26

    The more you show your care and concern, the more you'll encourage others to follow in your footsteps and find new ways to do what it takes to follow their dreams. Capricorn, sometimes relationships heal us and other times we heal our relationships. You may find yourself in a powerful position to do a little bit of both for yourself and others.

    Is there someone in your life or a friend that you see hurting? Perhaps you've been meaning to talk with them but couldn't find the chance or the words. This week, there will be an opportunity that opens up so you can be that person who gives a kind word and helps heal a heart. Count your own blessings, this week as well. The more your life improves, even in small ways, don't forget to give thanks to the universe for good favor. In the past, you may have put importance and value on things that seem unimportant now.

    Leo Weekly Horoscope from 19th November - 26th November

    Happiness is contagious. Aquarius, you'll be making some great connections this week. Soulmate relationships come in different forms, not just as a lover. There could be a soulmate connection right under your nose that you discover through a conversation or interaction. There may be some fireworks with someone close to you as well.

    You may have a little argument or intense conversation that helps you both to see how important your relationship is to each other.


    When you're close to someone, these things can happen but it helps to show just how strong the friendship really is when it's over. Pisces, hard work pays off but you will definitely have to earn your way to the finish line. There are a few golden opportunities coming your way, but you will have to work on developing relationships and keeping lines of communication open and clear. There could be a need to do a little digging to get to the heart of what needs to be done but your efforts will be worth it in the end.

    Scheduling time for all the things you want to develop will be super important this week. Be flexible in your expectations and if you aren't, you may miss out. There could be some competition when it comes to a love interest if you aren't willing to meet halfway. Follow Us.

    26 november leo horoscope 26 november leo horoscope
    26 november leo horoscope 26 november leo horoscope
    26 november leo horoscope 26 november leo horoscope
    26 november leo horoscope 26 november leo horoscope
    26 november leo horoscope 26 november leo horoscope
    26 november leo horoscope 26 november leo horoscope
    26 november leo horoscope 26 november leo horoscope

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