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Element Properties Sign:. Aquarius Daily Horoscope Overview:. Aquarius In Love. Aquarius people prefer the passionate and intense love. Aquarius persons love those who are as strange as they are and those who are very talented. They usually start a relationship at a party or an activity with friends.

Love and Compatibility for February 13 Zodiac

Top 3 Habits of Aquarius in Love. Career for Aquarius.

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Aquarius are stable, dedicated, ambitious, and determined, which can eventually make them succeed in career. The wide network of contacts, together with the good coordination skills, allows them to be leaders or key communicators in team work. Suitable Jobs for Aquarius by Blood Type. Love Match.

What are obstacles in love for Aquarius Iciness! It will also make someone likes you have no bravery to get closer to you. Sometimes being gentle is easy to impress others indeed. However, being icy and having a poker face is the common characteristic of the Aquarius girl.

They will miss their happiness because of this.

Aquarius Compatibility with Other Signs

The Aquarius girl should be more alarmed. Rational and calm in a disaster; Lack of compassion; Love fantasy and chatting; Unlikely to speak ill of someone else; Lead the trend; Like the nature; Attach great importance to the spiritual level; Likely to have a network relationship or homosexual tendency; Freak and dare to be different; Good at delay and take no count of discipline; Likely to have the collection habit or cleanliness; Committed to extra-subject things; Whimsical and difficult to understand; Likely to be a dark horse; Need self-space, maverick, like to be alone and individualistic.

They are absolutely fixed in their views and opinions. Let us take a look at the negative traits of the Aquarius —. The Aquarius born people are complete visionaries and philosophers. They possess a social conscience which helps us sail through humanitarian aspects and philanthropic dispositions. They are souls who wish for the betterment of human beings and the world around us.

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  5. They have ideas which they believe may revolutionize the world and bring about a change. However these people are pretty dogged about their views and they continue in their own path without a thought to anybody else. Should people point out their folly, they refuse to pay heed to the same, cause they firmly believe that their way is the best way forward. The people born under this sign can be a little quixotic and paradoxical. You will never know what they are striving for. This whimsical nature makes them a little lonely also and they may appear to be aloof. Despite having a large association, these people are basically loners.

    Aquarius always strives to do something with their lives. They aim to bring in the changes that one needs to for humanity. They are not people who will be comfortable to be confined in a small place for working conditions. To be successful in their career, they need to have a free reign in whatever they do. This is because of the independent streak in their nature. These people tend to get bored in their nine to five jobs and they want to pursue certain unconventional career options. They also prefer working in latest technological and science field dealing with advancement of manpower and humanity.

    Aquarius Symbol, Planet, Element, and Quality

    The Aquarius born people will perform well in the fields of creativity, wisdom, knowledge or for humanitarian causes. Careers in the fields of musicians, dramatics, theatre, biology, science, radiology, social works, and politics are best suited for these people. The Aquarius born people despite the lucrative monetary benefits will never be able to settle down for a regular 9 to 5 jobs in a constricted atmosphere. If they fail in their business endeavors, it will be because of the fact that they only look at the bigger picture and do not pay heed to the finer micro level details.

    They need other people to take care of details. Aquarian people will be good as friends.

    Aquarius zodiac sign personality (psychology, love, work...)

    They, when they make friends will be very helpful and compassionate. They would help people and also offer them solutions and the best advice. As parents the Aquarian parents would treat their children as friends and also would be completely friendly and absolutely frank with their children. There will never be the proverbial generation gap amongst these people and their children.

    The Zodiac Sign Aquarius Symbol - Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses – Labyrinthos

    These people would be dedicated to their family and would always respect their parents or elders but would also show them their streak of independence. Their romantic relationship will be peppered by intellectual stimulation. That is what will draw them. These are people who would be frank, friendly and communicative in the romantic relationship.

    However the Aquarius born people will be a little aloof and emotionally detached at times, which would make the emotional people in a relationship saddened and seeking sanctum.

    Aquarius Personality: January 20 - February 18

    Aquarian males generally make great lovers if they can strike a balance between imagination and reality and they always come back to their old love even though they may check the world around. The female counterparts look beautiful and sensual and they at times do not hesitate in taking the lead in a relationship. People born under this sign should be careful about all kinds of addiction.

    They should also be careful about their nervous system and disorders regarding nerves, bout of insomnia, restlessness etc. Celebrate Happy New Year with us! New Year Horoscope Compatibility. Monthly Horoscope. Bank Holidays Hong Kong. Zodiac Traits. Zodiac Signs. Aquarius Traits. Aquarius Man Traits. Aquarius Woman Traits.

    aquarius horoscope sign personality Aquarius horoscope sign personality
    aquarius horoscope sign personality Aquarius horoscope sign personality
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