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That column that tracks the moon has been there almost from the start, after the first couple of issues. The 4th house section has been from the start, articles have been there from the start, humor has been there almost from the start. CB: In the first few issues, you started pushing to expand relatively quickly after that point. And pretty early on you had a supporter who helped you and almost mentored you in that process.

Morrison, is that right? I was just selling through the stores. I thought it was the store [who owned them]. And I guess one of Al H. So he was the first subscriber. And that gave me the idea— subscriptions! Good idea! Basically, I was a researcher and writer. I had to learn everything else.

CB: Right. So he became one of your biggest proponents in helping you to expand rapidly? TT: Yes, he was supportive. He wrote articles for us in the early days. At one point, when I was telling him I needed to reach more people and get the word out to other astrologers, he smuggled me a list of the NCGR membership names and addresses.

So I used that to do a big mailing, about two or three thousand copies of the magazine. I had a friend in Cleveland who was an astrologer who loaned me some money so I could do the extra print run. There was sort of a big splash at the time. TT: Yep, and that got a lot of subscription checks back in the mail. Then it started rolling from there.

I could take that money from the subscriptions and invest it in the next issue, and so on and so forth. It was rocky. It started getting more stable by It [became] a little more financially secure. CB: But you kept investing back in the business. And one thing you did, pretty early on, was to incorporate other writers, and contacting some established astrologers and asking them if you could use excerpts from their books, right?

TT: Correct, yes. I think maybe in I started doing that. There was one woman I interviewed, an astrologer— her name was Nan DeGrove — and I think she was sometime during the first year. She is a local astrologer. CB: Wow! So you were already doing interviews. Who were some of the people whose book excerpts you [published]?

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TT: Demetra George, I believe. Donna Cunningham. I know he provided an article, if not a book excerpt, pretty early on. Steve was a strong influence when I was studying astrology. So I was thrilled to get an article or anything from him. And also from Donna and Demetra. And Bill Herbst was particularly supportive in the early days and provided some articles. Morrison, and a number of other people. It seems like, in terms of your chronology, there was also an important turning point in with the 2nd United Astrology Conference that took place in New Orleans that year, right?

So I met a ton of people. I barely made it there. I had maybe enough for a few meals. An astrologer named Ron Pearce Sp? But the magazine was growing and it was almost two years or a year and a half old, and you decided to go to this big astrology conference. It was only the second United Astrology Conference, where all of the major organisations pulled their resources to hold one big mega conference. You showed up there and you were able to share a trade show booth with another astrologer in order to promote the magazine. It ended up being a hit, right?

Brief Interviews With Very Small Publishers - The Morning News

But certainly people were talking to me, picking it up. So, they did. Also, mostly, it paved the way for a lot of new articles. I remember riding this shuttle back to the airport with Bruce Scofield. On the way to the airport, we talked about an article he could write for us. So, it was a lot of fun.

It was great.

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CB: You were sort of scraping by at this point. One of the things that was funny was the editorial that you wrote for NTMA on the 30th anniversary, late last year, just a few issues ago. You talked about how you were kind of broke during that period, so you slept under the table at the trade show, to just get by at that point. TT: Yes, it was kind of like a canopy bed because the drapes came down from both sides of the table.

The rug was very plush. It was a thick plush rug. There were security guards at the trade show who knew I was doing that, but were cool with it, because this was New Orleans. They were just very open people and they were willing to do that.

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  • So things started looking a little better as the conference went on. TT: Yes, we fell out of touch for a while after that. But then we became friends and she ended up writing for us regularly. Yes, a lot of friends were made from that conference. Bruce Scofield for instance wrote a column for us, and still does.

    CB: So at this point, the magazine is taking off in the early s. In terms of your personal life, you met your wife around this time period, around right? TT: Yes, I was in Michigan. I did a lot of back and forth to the Midwest, to Cleveland. I started in Michigan in Northern Indiana. I was living near Ann Arbor and I met Kate on the phone because she had decided to try to help me get the magazine into more stores in Berkeley.

    She heard about the magazine through a friend of hers who was also doing that in the Bay Area for me. Back then, I relied a lot on people to do the stores in their area, including stocking the shelves, collect the money and all that stuff. She was offering to do that. First, we had some brief conversations, but later in early we started having longer conversations. One thing lead to another and by the middle of , I was living in Berkeley, sharing her apartment. So, it was great. She also had editing skills which I did not.

    For the first two and a half years of the magazine I was doing very light editing; spell checking, commas, does this make sense, can I follow the article, that was about it. She had some more skills, so she became the first Editor. CB: By this point, the early s, the magazine is really taking off. You started organising a series of conferences, right? TT: Yes, I had an idea. It was actually on a train ride out to meet Kate in person for the first time, after talking to her on the phone for a few months.

    As the train was passing through Utah, I had this idea for a conference. People would come and anyone could present. It was very Aquarian again, very open. I would call it Planet Camp and it would be in some retreat centre somewhere, in nature. I did that in and had just 40 people show up. It was pretty skimpy, but it was fun. We had a people that time and it was beautiful and I would say at least half the people did presentations.

    We did some panels that were pre-arranged. We had cabins and camping and it was gorgeous weather. We did a talent show, camp-fire circles and things like that. But it was a ton of work. At the time we were doing nine issues a year, so I think that cured me of doing conferences too. CB: Yes, I think everyone has this idea of how great it would be to put on a conference and how much fun it would be. Then you start organising it and you realise how much work goes into versus whatever the payoff is at the end. TT: Yes, exactly. I moved a lot before that. But the business just got large enough with employees, we were fortunate that we really liked the area and so we are happy to be here.

    Are there any mountains near you now? TT: Yes, we are in the foothills and the Sierra Nevada is just a short drive up. We are 20 minutes from some real mountains. CB: I guess that still counts then. TT: We were printing about 25,, copies at that point. It all depended on how many would sell in the stores too. The maximum number of subscribers was about 10, in maybe , somewhere around there. As I said, with the internet, an amazing amount of information was available on the internet and facebook, it definitely took a bite out of the magazine.

    So, we had a period of contraction. The moon hit maximum South declination and then it starts coming up again. It kind of fit the expansion and contraction of the magazine. You guys have definitely continued to grow and adapt to the times. I think this is one of the reasons it is still a mainstay in the community.

    It is still one of the main hubs for communication and for finding out what is going on in the community, what people are focused on, and figuring out what the pulse of the community is. The fact that you guys have been offering the digital version since the late s definitely helps that. The rest get print subscriptions with digital included. They can access it if they register for it. They can just be digital only and not pay as much.

    CB: Sure, that makes sense. TMA is unique in the community because it is very high quality. You actually hire professional editors to help authors to improve their articles and work through them, with them, instead of just printing anything. You have a serious focus on good graphic design, layout and aesthetic appeal. We have a great editorial staff. She is a huge reason why the magazine is still going. CB: I know with any articles that I published with TMA back when I was still doing the electional column, the article was always 10 times better than what I originally submitted, as a result of her serious editorial input.

    This was really my first experience working with a professional editor and seeing why this was important and why you need to hire an editor when you are publishing an article or book. TT: Yes, totally, definitely. You can always tell people who are experienced with writing and are more open [and] receptive to the editing.

    That is, has TMA helped launched any careers, or has TMA featured any younger and up and coming Astrologers earlier on in their careers, that later ended up becoming more prominent in the community? Launched by ourselves? No, I doubt it. But helped launch. I would say that I am probably the only one that has used TMA exclusively to become more prominent. CB: I know for me, I published articles there. You re-published an article of mine on sect on around from one of my websites. We did a 2-part series together in or which was my Introduction To Hellenistic Astrology. If you read that, it really is a shortened condensed, page version of my book, which took another 5 years to come out.

    But you can see glimpses of that in that series which I did for TMA back then. TT: Another person who has really contributed a lot and hopefully it has helped his career, is Frank Clifford. The music issue was his idea in , where astrology and music was the theme. CB: Sure, those themed issues have been really interesting. I think he did one on modern psychological astrology. Those have always been really interesting. He contacted 11 astrologers and asked them to write about an astrologer who greatly influenced them.

    Most of them are deceased astrologers. There is one who is still living. We are primarily looking, in this particular project, for deceased astrologers who were either legends or mentors to these people. TT: Do you want to hear the names of some of the astrologers who are being written about? Morrison and the Gauquelins. CB: Wow, that should be an amazing issue.

    That will be the whole focus? TT: Well, no. Each contributor will have a 2-page spread with, in most cases, the chart of the person being written about. TT: Yes, so Frank pulled that together for us. It was a really good idea. So we might do more in the future with maybe living astrologers. Even your connection with Al H. Morrison, and his helping you and playing an instrumental role in getting TMA together, is a really interesting, unique and important piece of history that otherwise people might not know about.

    So I was glad we got to talk about that a little bit here. CB: As we are hitting into the home stretch of this, I had some general questions that I came up with and some from listeners. I was hoping that I could run these by you, if that works for you? If you have a good answer, great. I was curious if you have a notable interview that you really remember doing, or that stands out to you? TT: I have enjoyed my interviews with Rob Hand. That was a lot of fun. CB: Yes, that was fun. TT: I remember some from the 90s I really enjoyed.

    I enjoyed Mary Plumb. She is our book reviewer. I think Mary first started working with us first in Mary and I sat down and interviewed Charles and Suzie Harvey back in That was really a lot of fun. We also interviewed Steven and Jodie Forrest together back then. I think that is in the same issue, June , which is one of the ones that is digitally available now. There are so many interviews that I have enjoyed or I thought were really great. The TMA index online has a whole different pdf file for just the interviews. My musical guest is Blue Museum, who I met the other day when they were sound checking for the release of their EP single.

    You can find out more about Blue Museum at their website. One last — we now have a Planet Waves FM feedback line: This is a truly beautiful eclipse in that it really brings in a grouping of elements in Sagittarius: Mars, Pholus, Quaoar and the Galactic Core. So this version of TV is rich with information about the minor planets mentioned, and gives a good look at an under-appreciated topic, the center of our Milky Way galaxy — our homing signal.

    By the way, we now have a brand-new feedback line for you to leave comments or questions: Please subscribe to our YouTube channel. Yet more than a few well-regarded people have noted that simply doing what you love is a form of finding purpose and fulfilling potential. Enter Chuck McCarthy, who has created rather a unique business: people-walking.

    Watch the Circa video about him here. What has society come to? Plus, I give people-walking points for being an in-person non-digital point of connection and motivation. So, kudos to McCarthy for finding an occupation he enjoys and that helps others get outdoors and moving. Your extended monthly horoscope for September was published on Thursday, Aug. We published your extended monthly horoscope for August on Thursday, July Please note: we normally publish the extended monthly horoscope on the first Friday after the Sun has entered a new sign.

    Aries March April 19 — It is as if you are a bridge. On one side is what formed during the years of individuating yourself. On the other side, a newer plateau you reached after an evolutionary leap sometime during the last five years or so a place you are still becoming fully aware of. Either choice will require some effort. Sustaining the status quo will entail constant, indefinite maintenance.

    The alternative is to metaphorically move a lot of material by doing some proverbial heavy lifting for a while, ultimately allowing you to relax. There is no good or bad in either elective. There is no right or wrong, either. It is a choice to be grateful for. For your Eric Francis horoscope this week, please see this link. Taurus April May 20 — Reputation is a funny thing. Distinguishing yourself primarily to the satisfaction of others may seem like a safe and sound thing to do.

    Your sense of discernment is finer than most, however. Having a solid place among others is important for you, no doubt. Being able to live with yourself is probably even more vital. Now would be a good time to consider how the choices you have made thus far in your life have shaped your public character, and to what extent your private conscience is comfortable with the result. Gemini May June 21 — You have always been able to move on.

    Over the last year or so, a different imperative may have come to the fore. Alternatively or in combination you may have been compelled somehow to be more persistent than ever before in quest of a goal. Either way, the result at this juncture may be a bit of internal conflict. To resolve that tension, employ a three-step process. First, mentally retrace your choices over the last 12 months.

    Brief Interviews With Very Small Publishers

    Then, take adequate time to be clear about what you want. Finally, envision what inner peace would look like four years from now, and take your first steps towards achieving it. Your life should begin to settle down after a few more weeks. In addition, a journey so long and complex as to have felt like more than a lifetime should finally start to transform into an epilogue. In sum, you will soon be reaching a point where you have both reconciliation with your past and a clearer vision of where you are going than perhaps ever before.

    The only thing that might trip you up is if you are reluctant to shed the equivalent of a shell or skin that you have outgrown. Sure, doing so might make you feel vulnerable for a while. Leo July Aug. To have work to do and be able to do it is a blessing because you are aware that worthy labors, like time, wait for no one. Whether you are aware of it or not, it would appear that you have nearly completed your preparations to shift from one form of work to another.

    Where the Streets Have One Name

    In spite of any qualms you have, follow through on what you resolved to start. Give yourself a chance to complete the transition s you have initiated. Feel secure that the aptitudes and skills that have allowed you to excel in other fields will transfer to your new endeavors. Finally, look forward to uncovering new and deeper layers of truth through new ways of working. Virgo Aug. In fact, the only lasting consequence of events that have caused you to feel concern is that you now know your destiny can be clearly seen simply by looking in the mirror.

    In a very real way, you have become not only your own fate, but also an example for many others who worry about what the future has in store for them. Even though you may never recover the sense of certainty you once had, what you have gained in return this year is a new and more authentic independence, which has enhanced your natural adaptability. If anybody in your world has a just and proven reason to feel more confident than ever, it is you. By unusual I mean beautiful, and with your potential making itself known to you.

    The thing with potential, though, is that you must consciously choose to make it into something, and then take action. What will you do with the potential greeting you now? As Eric notes above in your horoscope, the potential and the plan are only two parts of the equation. The missing element is action. You get to supply that piece — and luckily, you have some incredible assistance coming your way, in the form of your Libra Birthday Reading.

    This reading will be delivered in two phases: phase one is two segments of audio astrology at least 30 minutes each. Phase two is your video tarot reading using the Voyager Tarot by James Wanless, and any astrology afterthoughts. All segments can be accessed as many times as you wish throughout the year and people frequently do so. Motivational workshops cost exponentially more; yet what Eric offers here is nuanced, straightforward inspiration to help you identify blocks, hesitations and other challenges, and then get moving toward your personal, professional and creative goals.

    You know you have a purpose on this planet. When the Sun ingresses Libra on Sept. Tune in, and make sure you have one of the most effective and personally relevant tools at your side as you navigate your solar year, with the Libra Birthday Reading. Libra Sep. As recently as five years ago, your good heart may have led you into confining commitments.

    Now, all of that is in the past. A whole new life is at hand. You can do your part to make the most of any doors now opening by closing a few of your own. Most of all, close the door on cynicism. Leave discouragements and pessimism behind. Plan on doing your best and receiving both support and encouragement in return. Have faith that what you believe in can, and will, come true. Know that your heroic efforts have not been wasted.

    Scorpio Oct. You have earned any break you are now receiving. It may seem counterintuitive, but the best way to keep good times coming your way just might begin with relaxing and allowing yourself to enjoy every single respite in full. While trials of the past may have provided you with both motivation and material to work with, it is not necessary for you to suffer in order to be the gifted, proficient and productive artist you are capable of becoming. That was meant as a rhetorical question, since Adams spouts all manner of outrageous misinformation on GMOs.

    NaturalNews Monsanto is widely recognized as the most hated and most evil corporation on the planet. This is the mind of a person who Dr. Oz proudly brought on his show earlier in the year.

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