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But enough ruminating, Twin. The eighth house rules merging: of bodies, souls, and worldly possessions. With Saturn inching closer and closer to Pluto until their rare, January 12, , conjunction, you need nothing short of total devotion. Check your heart. On Thursday, frenetic Mars in your fourth house of roots and security gets in sync with wealth-agent Pluto in your zone of investments. If you have debt, could you consolidate it in a single loan payment? And think outside the box. Can your ideas be crowdfunded or an investor brought in to help you grow a business idea?

Your creativity and charm are your calling cards, Gem.

Venus enters Scorpio

Use them! This transit may bring some positive shifts around your home life, guiding you towards a nest that feels sweet and secure. Coupled Twins might even talk cohabitation or start looking at homes to purchase together. While this week is VERY security-focused, take the weekend off from all that futurizing. In fact, you've probably already been feeling the effects of these two planetary powerhouses! Have you noticed a feeling in the last year or so of needing to get real, set against a backdrop of years' worth of slow, insistent, metaphorical plowing that feels like it should just be done already?

If so, you are surely tuned in to the Saturn and Pluto placements in Capricorn! Or, if this doesn't sound quite right, you may be among those who would report gratitude to at least the Saturnian portion of these placements. Some folks have indicated that Saturn in Capricorn showed up as affirmation or acted in a "saving grace" kind of a way. Let's look a little more closely at these placements and figure out what's going on here! Then, we'll look ahead to what may happen during the upcoming conjunction of these two cosmic forces.

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To begin, we'll look at the longer-standing backdrop that I mentioned above, which would be the placement of Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto has been in Capricorn since about January of ! So, if you were to sum up your own observation of the background vibe over the past 11 years, what would you say? This could be your Pluto in Capricorn go-to phrase. Has it felt necessary?

Or perhaps it's been a time of taking inventory, initiating preparations, or some kind of deconstruction and eventual reconstruction Generally, Pluto is thought to work as a force of transformation.

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I have seen it operate as a deepening agent. It can be hard to really catch its flavor in real time because it moves so slowly that it becomes the accustomed backdrop, as I've already insinuated. And, it is in the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn now, known for its cool, dry qualities and natural urges toward practicality, while also oriented to the long term.

In the body, Capricorn is associated with the skeletal structure and even the skin.

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It represents structural foundations and boundaries. So, with transformative Pluto slowly pushing through this Earth sign, the image of mountain-formation comes to mind! A long, drawn-out upheaval of large amounts of earth. That is what we are all going through during Pluto's transit across the Capricorn portion of our heavens. Saturn moves much more quickly through the signs and has only been in Capricorn since about January of technically, December 20, , for those who like precision. Since Saturn is known to represent such qualities as constriction and responsibility, you may have noticed an uptick in these themes since January , when Saturn joined Pluto -- at a distance -- in its home sign of Capricorn.

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Most of the reports I heard from folks concerning this period amounted to a kind of realness or containment -- time management, responsibilities, and the need to get real. Have you noticed anything like this for yourself?

How would you describe the nature of striving or constriction that you have experienced since January ? Answer that and you'll have your Saturn in Capricorn go-to phrase.

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january 12 2020 daily horoscope January 12 2020 daily horoscope
january 12 2020 daily horoscope January 12 2020 daily horoscope
january 12 2020 daily horoscope January 12 2020 daily horoscope
january 12 2020 daily horoscope January 12 2020 daily horoscope
january 12 2020 daily horoscope January 12 2020 daily horoscope
january 12 2020 daily horoscope January 12 2020 daily horoscope

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